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Organic turmeric powder Indian spices are, without any doubt, among the most famous and desirable oriental aromas and herbs in the world. Who among us has never tasted curry, turmeric, or cumin in their life?! Despite the fame of Indian spices, there is much confusion and little information about them. Here we want to give some general notes about the best Indian spices with particular attention to organic turmeric powder, its properties, and its uses so that you can become a lover of Indian spices.
Organic Red Chilli Powder
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Red Chilli Powder is a spice that is used widely across Asia. It is the powder that makes Indian food hot and spicy. Red Chillies are grown, picked and sun-dried before being hand pounded into a fine powder. Apart from adding to the taste of the dishes, it has some other benefits too. However, to make the food spicy and hot, a generous amount of Red Chilli powder may be added.
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